About What Adventures Await.

A blog about not a lot – just documenting the little adventures in a little life.  My ultimate dream in life is to just travel and have big, amazing adventures – but for the meantime, I am happy with whatever little adventures I can get.  Life is one big, long struggle and I’m documenting my experience here.  Even if no one wants to hear it!

A little bit about me:

me and okapi

I developed a love for writing in elementary school, or possibly even sooner.  I’ve always loved reading, and haven’t always enjoyed interacting with people.  As the years went on, I continued writing and learned basic human social interactions, as well as developed a sense of humor about myself and life in general.  In college, writing got put on the back-burner, then put off altogether except for papers.  Reading for fun also became a thing of the past.  A part of me withered, but other parts grew.

Then after college, when I entered the working adult world, I suddenly found myself with free time again and the renewed passion to read and write again.  However, I found myself struggling with writing like never before.  Because it’s my nature to want most that which I cannot have, I chose to start this blog and find myself again.

Also, you really, really need to know how much I love okapis.  Like, seriously.  I love them.  Check out the Okapi Conservation Project

Other than that, I love nature, conservation, and animals!  I work in an AZA-accredited facility, which is something I would not have pictured for myself, and love my lovely pets at home.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or snarky remarks, I’m here for you!

Please Follow me on Instagram (if you like my little pictures) here: MurasakiOkapi on Instagram


1 Response to About What Adventures Await.

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi There:

    I am the CMO for a startup travel website and would love for you to write a guest blog post for us. Our website is not up yet, but will be in about six weeks. If interested would you send me an email? andrea@boolyadventures.com

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