Day 11 in Europe: a much-needed lazy day

Not much to report: I woke up around 8 today, took my time getting ready, and was out the door at about 10:30.  First stop, after meandering through town, was Glo, a hipster restaurant with delicious vegetarian food.  Then I wandered through Reykjavik some more, bought some souvenirs, and set off the alarm at Bonus by trying to leave through the entrance doors.


A rainbow

Then I walked east along the bay/harbor/ocean towards Esja.  I got as far as the Vimey ferry, then turned around.  It was beautiful, but l will post the pictures later – this is actually being written on my phone.  It also may have been somewhat of a mistake.  Not the adventure part – that was awesome – but let me tell you about the weather.

In a word: blustery.  Windy.  Not “oh it’s a sweet sea breeze.” Nope.  I was literally leaning backwards into the wind and not falling over.  It was like a trust exercise.

It was also intermittently sunny, snowy, and haily.  The sun was nice, although deceptive since it was too windy to matter much.  Snow is snow, I’m used to it and at least it’s soft.  That hail, though.  Tiny ice balls blasted sideways right into my ear.  Because, oh yeah, I forgot my warm hat.

We went to the beach for my 21st birthday, and the next day, we went to Astoria, OR where we were caught in a sudden downpour.  The rain drenched us head to toe in only a couple minutes, and because the wind was so strong, it blew in sideways.  That is basically what this hail/snow was like.  Apparently, it was a complete white-out on Esja.


The sea was amazingly green

Luckily, the sudden blizzards would come quickly and get blown away quickly.  I managed to get back to the hotel, prepare some lunch, and not be surprised to find that my boat tour of the northern lights was canceled.  Again.  I’m sad, but it can’t be helped. 

At this point, I’m going to complain about humans.  Humans of the shared kitchen space: wash your freaking dishes well.  Seriously!!!  How gross is it to find old bits of food plastered to the “clean” dishes and silverware.  Ugh.


My poor hair was sooooo tangled

Anyway, I took a nap and relaxed long enough to feel up to checking out the National Museum Reykjavik.  Right now, it is the Winter Lights Festival, so museums are free tonight with special events.  I got to learn a little about Icelandic archeological history, see a free choir performance, and navigate the bus system, and it only cost me 750 krona. 


Icelandic is a beautiful language, and the choir performed traditional Icelandic songs… I assume.  The words are so long, but so cool.  I wish I could make my mouth pronounce them without it sounding like I bit my tongue.  I also wish that I had the instinct for human social interaction to just go up to people and make friends. 

But let’s face it, I’m a cat – I either come to you if I’m in the mood to, or you stick around me long enough for me to warm up to you and interact.  It’s not that I dislike people, per se, or that I’m really shy.  I just will never make the first move.  This is why I should be getting out of my introverted comfort zone and meeting my future Icelandic husband, if only I could be convinced to get out of my pajamas and back into real clothes.


Thoughts on Iceland so far:
-no Aurora Borealis for me 😦 oh well
-holy shit, the bus system is really easy.  Did I waste time in Reykjavik by not using it?!
-oh my God it’s so cold what happened
-free museums?!  Yes!!!!!


About MurasakiOkapi

Work has taken over a huge portion of my life in recent years, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of being at least marginally creative on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, I'm a nature enthusiast and love all animals. I try to see things from many perspectives, and live on the sustainable side. I wouldn't say I'm a positive person, but at the same time I don't tend to get too down about things.
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