Day 9 in Europe: reluctant goodbyes and awkward hellos.

You’ll have to forgive my lack of new photos from today.  The truth is, I didn’t really take any pictures to share!!!  So, instead, I am including just a few from throughout my trip in UK, France, and Belgium.  Just for those who like pictures to look at.

Not much new to report, except that I am in ICELAND.  Yes, the land of Ice.  No, seriously.  It’s not that cold, but the ground is super icy because apparently shoveling is either not required or a futile effort.  I must be my mother’s daughter, because I’m itching to get a snowshovel and clear that shit.

The day started off early, but mostly I dreaded it because I am no good at saying goodbye, even for a little while.  I had to leave [name redacted] behind, a whole ocean apart, until fall this year when she will come home.  I hate that feeling; if there was ever a huge apocalyptic event, I would at least like to be able to walk to my friends.  So, I’m pretty sad now.

Made it to Heathrow just fine, and security getting out of the UK was a breeze.  Then I sat around for a while, reading and eating a nice little breakfast.  I bought some souvenirs, including a Buckingham Palace guard kitty-chan for my mom, new earphones, and lunch.  Sniffled a bit, held back most of my tears, and sat around feeling sorry for myself/missing my friend (always do that).  Plane ride was very easy; I was so lucky to have an empty seat next to me, since the flight was pretty full.

Keflavik is very user-friendly and mostly idiot-proof.  I got on the right bus, after waiting in line at the wrong company, and then almost missed my stop because I was sitting in the back of the bus like a little mouse and the driver didn’t see me.  Then I tried to walk into the wrong building, so the driver honked at me as he drove off.  Pretty sure he was pretty worried about me.  It’s okay, I worry about me too.

But other than that, no problems!  I got checked in okay and everyone in the building seems pretty nice.  One has given lots of directions around town, and pointed me in the right direction to downtown Reykjavik.  I walked down there, had Thai food for dinner (bad, I know, but it was delicious), then walked back along the lovely bay.  Tomorrow I may even be able to see some sights!

And also, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel brave enough to interact with the locals in a more outgoing way.  I’m an introvert, through and through, so while I enjoy time with people I like, there are only a handful of folks who I can interact with for days on end without getting burned out (of course [name redacted] is one of them; that’s why she and I always have lovely vacations together!  I feel bad for getting cranky when I am hungry.  Sorry….).  At work, it’s like I’m performing as an extrovert, so I can manage there, but it’s draining to be “on” all the time.  This vacation has been a wonderful respite from all that, but now I will have to force myself to be more outgoing, at least a little bit.  Awkwardly, the whole way.

at the London Zoo

at the London Zoo

At Nausicaa.  What kind of fish is this?

At Nausicaa. What kind of fish is this?

I miss Belgian waffles.  And the way Brussels smells....

I miss Belgian waffles. And the way Brussels smells….

This Belgian hero guy

This Belgian hero guy

I snuck this picture of the adorable dog in Brussels.  I think maybe the owner noticed?

I snuck this picture of the adorable dog in Brussels. I think maybe the owner noticed?

Thoughts on Iceland so far:
-It smells like the sea!
-Tap water that tastes oh so good!
-Why don’t they shovel?
-People here drive fast!
-My feet are wet.
-It’s not that cold…
-I give up; Thai food it is.
-Hey, look, I found my way.
-Hot water smells like sulfur here…
-Oh my God, I’m in ICELAND.
-I wish [name redacted] could have come with me 😦
-I miss my cat…


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Work has taken over a huge portion of my life in recent years, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of being at least marginally creative on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, I'm a nature enthusiast and love all animals. I try to see things from many perspectives, and live on the sustainable side. I wouldn't say I'm a positive person, but at the same time I don't tend to get too down about things.
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