Not to be Quiche-ay, but…

…I sometimes really love a good pun.  Or a bad pun, possibly, as my students might say.  Probably would say.  Kids are great but, damn, they can be mean!  I just worked 9 days in a row; last time I did that, I got 5 days of vacation to go camping and recuperate.  But now I only got the weekend off, and I’m tired.

I was also almost out of groceries and, not wanting to have to waste part of my precious weekend shopping, I went after work today.  All was well and good, until I put my groceries in the back of my car and stupidly put the carton of eggs on TOP of the bag.  So, that worked out well…

Thanks to my outstanding planning and grocery-physics skills, the eggs promptly toppled over and a few cracked.  Not enough to create a gory, eggy crime scene, but enough that I should probably use those eggs for the betterment of mankind and soon.  Well, what could I make?  I hate cooking.  Well, I hate baking, technically (although I have toyed with the idea of making a bakery/cooking store/blog and calling it “The Bitchy Bakery”).

One thing came to mind: quiches.  While camping, my friend taught me how to make a simple quiche.  Ours were tasty, but also kind of just an omelette.  Since nothing better came to me, I stuck with making a quiche on the fly with ingredients I had around the house.  Recipes are for suckers (or people who care about the quality of their food).


Goat Cheese (in the medallions from Trader Joe’s)
Sensual Spinach (fresh)
Frozen Pie Crusts (premade, store bought.  But yeah I know how to make a decent pie crust.  Because I have to).
Skim Milk
Salt and Pepper

For the first step, I thawed the pie crusts and unrolled them into the pie tins.  While they were thawing to room temperature, I pre-heated the oven to 425 F.

Then I cut up the goat cheese from the medallions and tried to spread it even and chunky around the bottom of the tin.  It got a little difficult when I realized that goat cheese melts at room temperature, rendering it creamy and nearly impossible to manipulate out of a single-serving medallion plastic wrap.

I started at the top and moved in a counter-clockwise can see the cheese gradually lose its form

I started at the top and moved in a counter-clockwise motion….you can see the cheese gradually lose its form

Spinach is more delicious than kale, and nearly as nutritious.  Plus it tastes great with goat cheese, in a quiche.  Easy choice.  I rooted around for a knife, then realized that knife was too small, and pulled out a bigger one.  Chop chop chop, then put the spinach in the tin, too.



I put the eggs in the bowl….

wait, not like this?

wait, not like this?

…all 9 of them…

Fun fact: I think of eggs as chicken periods.  Because they are.

Fun fact: I think of eggs as chicken periods. Because they are.

…and whisked them into shape along with a dollop of milk and some liberal salt’n’pepper shaking.  No, seriously, I just poured some milk in from the jug until the mixture looked like it might be the right consistency.  After that, I just turned the salt and pepper shakers upside down over the bowl and shook them until my hands got tired.

that whisk made that mixture my bitch.

that whisk made that mixture my bitch.

Pour half the mixture into each tin, swirl it around, and pop it in the oven.  10 or so minutes later (part way through the New Girl episode I was watching on Netflix), I reduced the temperature to 350 F.  About the end of the next episode of New Girl, I thought maybe I should check on my food.

this step looks so unappetizing

this step looks so unappetizing

That’s when I hit a wall.  I don’t know what a finished quiche fresh out of the oven is supposed to look like.  Should I poke it with a fork?  I poked it with a fork.  It seemed done.  I shrugged and set it out to cool, resigning myself to the fact that it, like most things I cook, don’t turn out quite right.

Quiche one.

Quiche one.

Quiche two.  My oven doesn't cook evenly, maybe

Quiche two. My oven doesn’t cook evenly, maybe

Then I tasted it.  First bite wasn’t bad, not bad at all.  By the last bite, DELICIOUS!!!  Oh my goodness, it was perfect.  I don’t know why our how, but dang that is some good quiche. What a pleasant surprise!

just a little thin.  But delicious, I am telling you

just a little thin. But delicious, I am telling you

KJ then called me, which made the evening even more delightful!  But she refused my quiche on account of “being full.”  She’s missing out.  YOU ALL ARE.

(Like I said, I’m incredibly tired; falling asleep while I write this.  I might have used word sensual inappropriately somewhere in this post)

Here’s a consolation cat (mine):

he knows what matters in life - naps!

he knows what matters in life – naps!


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Work has taken over a huge portion of my life in recent years, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of being at least marginally creative on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, I'm a nature enthusiast and love all animals. I try to see things from many perspectives, and live on the sustainable side. I wouldn't say I'm a positive person, but at the same time I don't tend to get too down about things.
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