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The Greatest Day of My Life

If you look closely at my username, it is “murasakiokapi” which is “murasaki” and “okapi” put together.  In Japanese, murasaki means purple, and an okapi is an animal.  The best animal.  Ever.  Yes, better than a t-rex or even the … Continue reading

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Gifted and Talented

This could easily turn into a long rant, but I don’t think it needs to.  Let me try to say this clearly, and concisely: Telling students that they are “Gifted and Talented” does them an incredible disservice.  All students are … Continue reading

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The Best Worst Song

We all know about “pop music.”  It’s generally terrible, but just catchy enough that you find yourself coerced into buying/illegally downloading these terrible songs just to satiate the beast inside your head that sings them over and over again. Radio … Continue reading

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