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Lessons I Learned from Disney

I’m a product of the 90’s.  What can I say?  I love grungy-chic (emphasis on the grunge part) and alt-rock and goth clothes.  Oh, and dang I love me some Disney movies!  I grew up on those wonderful “Princess” movies, … Continue reading

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More Non-Committal Greeting Cards (now bordering on mean!)

I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love my non-committal greeting cards!  Also, I’ve decided that they might also be mean, but I’m not sure because I have a high tolerance for mean.  Hmm.  Oh well, mean is good, too. … Continue reading

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Adventures in March

A couple of weeks ago, one of my close friends from college was able to come visit me!  I haven’t seen her since 2011, as she has been extremely busy with law school and her book blog, so it was … Continue reading

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Animals Making Stupid Faces (Part 2)

I decided I wanted to share my pictures of some more animals making some stupid faces.  Previously…

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World Wildlife Day

Today, for those of you unawares, is the inaugural World Wildlife Day.  Why World Wildlife Day?  Well, in the words of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations: “While the threats to wildlife are great, we can reduce them through … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found There isn’t a simple way to say Walking through the mossy forest Damp with dew and life anew Mud and chorus frogs and mushroom tops And a better world dripping from the leaves What I’m really feeling … Continue reading

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