This might be a cry for help?

Every now and then, I fall into some sort of frenzied, obsessive fandom that last anywhere between a few weeks and a few years.  When I was in middle school, it was Digimon.  And as long as you’re promising not to judge me, I can admit that, in a desperate attempt to ignore the depression that’s been harassing me lately, I watched 150 or so episodes + movies.  Then I watched them again in Japanese.  And I can sing along with the opening theme song of the 3rd season.

This one :


In high school, I was obsessed with Nine Inch Nails.  Like, I had a serious lady-boner for Trent Reznor which is kinda weird now that I think of it, because I was about 15 and he was closing in on 40.  But I still love NIN -I haven’t missed a concert in my area yet!  They always put on a fabulous show, out of this world good, and of course Trent Reznor is insanely talented.  And hot.

The obsession I had in college, for this post’s purposes, is not important or entertaining.  It was fisheries management, which I’m still into but pretty sure nobody else cares about.  Boo!

Blah blah blah, a few years LATER….

…And I am literally obsessed with Tom Hiddleston dancing.

The progression went from nothing–> nothing –> the internet starts posting a lot of pictures of Loki –> he’s kinda hot, I guess –> didn’t I see the Avengers?  Oh yeah.  Eh.  –> Loki’s hot.  –> Tom Hiddle-who?? –>  Hmmm…… –>  Tom Hiddleston?  Yes.  –> WHOO!

I've googled this phrase 5 times in the last 3 days alone

I’ve googled this phrase 5 times in the last 3 days alone


So lately, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time staring at Tom Hiddleston’s beautiful, perfect face, swooning at his smile, and giggling at his adorably charming antics.

And then I stumbled onto this:

it's fucking mesmerizing, that's what it is.

it’s fucking mesmerizing, that’s what it is.










Dem snake hips!

Which subsequently led me to search youtube for videos of Tom Hiddleston dancing.  Seriously, it’s been over an hour and I just realized it right now.

At least I know I’ll have sweet dreams tonight!

And to T.H. – apologies!  You just keep being you, or whoever it is your job to portray, and I promise to only creep on you as either a joke or genuine admiration for your dancing skills.  Oh, and especially for this:


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Work has taken over a huge portion of my life in recent years, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of being at least marginally creative on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, I'm a nature enthusiast and love all animals. I try to see things from many perspectives, and live on the sustainable side. I wouldn't say I'm a positive person, but at the same time I don't tend to get too down about things.
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