Vacation, Vacation

A few weeks ago, I went on vacation (whaaat!) and it was pretty awesome.  I haven’t had a vacation since the Grand Canyon in May.  Okay, 3 months between vacations is pretty darn good.  I guess I’m good at taking care of myself.

I got to observe the clouds from aboveImage

I met a slug friend who was super slimy!Image

Met my new stepsistersImage


Had a bunch of birds land on my headImage

Saw a fish ladderImage

And a wee salmon juvenile jumping for joyImage

I saw this lady walking her dog in the laziest manner possible (she rode very slowly around the park on a 3 wheeled golf cart while her dog trotted next to her).  At least she was out and about!


I saw roses in the City of RosesImage

And this inexplicable depiction of a river otter…WHY IS IT TERRIFYING?!Image

I made some dear friendsImage

And went to dairy lovers’ paradiseImage

There was Multnomah Falls, and assorted sceneryImage



We went to the beach (which I love, love love)Image

Saw a bay on a different dayImage

I stood by the seaImage

And swam in that glorious, frigid Pacific Ocean – sans wetsuit, of courseImage

We cleaned up trash on the beachImage

And enjoyed a golden sunsetImage


It was a fabulous trip.  Yes, like any adult spending extended time with their family there were some tribulations, but I endured and had a magical time.  I cannot wait until my dream is fulfilled and I can live on the coast of the Pacific Northwest (somewhere).

But in the meantime, I fulfilled another, smaller dream.  Oh, the things you will see when you look for What Adventures Await…..


What the hell?

ImageWhat the hell?!



About MurasakiOkapi

Work has taken over a huge portion of my life in recent years, but I am trying hard to get back in the habit of being at least marginally creative on a semi-regular basis. Other than that, I'm a nature enthusiast and love all animals. I try to see things from many perspectives, and live on the sustainable side. I wouldn't say I'm a positive person, but at the same time I don't tend to get too down about things.
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